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General Defense Committee Local 20 meeting

This committee provides defense and relief to the members of the working class who are being persecuted for their activity in the class struggle. This committee also acts as a go between for the North American Regional Administration… Read More

Organizing Committee Meeting

This committee’s main focus is on workplace organizing. It provides support to on going campaigns, organizes and starts new campaigns, and provides support to people who want to organize their shop. It acts as a go between for… Read More

Literature and Media Committee Meeting

This committee maintains, gathers, and creates new literature and media for the GMB. It also is responsible for operating the branch’s sells of literature and media. Such as tabling at events. They are also responsible for promoting literature… Read More

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) meeting

This committee provides outside organizing and support to prisoners. It also works as a go between for the national IWOC and the GMB.

Organizers Training 101

The Organizer Trainer 101 is a training put on by the Industrial Workers of the World to teach the tools and skills to help workers organize their workplaces. It is highly encouraged that you attend both days. Please… Read More

2018 North American IWW Convention

Summer Labor Concert in the Park!

Join on us on Saturday July 28th at 6pm in Sylvester Park for a day of music, fun, and food! A 10$ donation is appreciated but none will be turned away!  Please see this for more info on… Read More

Tacoma Wobblys charter a new Branch!

We wish to congratulate our fellow workers in Tacoma upon the chartering of their new General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World.  This is the first step in a long march towards a better world!

Culinary workers are getting organized!

The Olympia Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World calls on you to join the Union! Only together can we fight for better pay, shorter hours, and a better world! It is we, the workers, who do… Read More

Olympia IWW Orientation

This is the Olympia IWW’s bi-monthly orientation.  If you have recently joined or are interested in joining then please attend this orientation.  We will learn about the IWW in general, the Olympia Branch in detail and ways of… Read More