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Culinary workers are getting organized!

The Olympia Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World calls on you to join the Union!

Only together can we fight for better pay, shorter hours, and a better world!

Workers at Burgerville are doing it, so can you!

It is we, the workers, who do all the labor. We slave away in the kitchen, behind the bar, over the espresso machine, getting just enough money to survive. While the owners make all the profit off of our work! If you are tired of these conditions then join the IWW!

We believe that workers produce all wealth. We are an all volunteer union. That means we are workers just like you. We work hard and believe that we should get the total output of our labor. We fight hard on the job for ourselves and our fellow workers. We have joined together to help each other better our working conditions and make the world a better place. And by that we mean worker democracy.

When the unorganized worker goes to  work they leave their rights at the door. We ask the simple question of “Why do we do all the work and have none of the say?” Workers in restaurants, bars, cafes, and other public service jobs are some of the worst treated workers in the US. We suffer degradation, low pay, terrible hours, and massive disruption to our lives. All to make a few dollars so that we can pay rent and bills, grab some food and do it all over again.

We in the IWW believe this is terrible, unfair, and has to come to an end. We also recognize that the workers have to help themselves. Not only are workers the only ones with the real power to fight for these gains, but in doing so we learn to understand our true power on the job. Only together can we stand up for ourselves when the boss comes round.

So if you are tired of having to decide at the end of the month between food, bills, or rent. If you are tired of the boss telling you how to do your job. If you are tired of working long hours and never getting over time and hardly getting breaks. If you are tired of the bullshit “open door policy.” Where they never listen to you anyway. Then the Join the Industrial  Workers of the World today! And fight for these rights for yourself, for your fellow workers, and for a better world!

The Olympia IWW is actively organizing in this industry. Join the fight today at your shop!

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