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Announcing the Little Big Union!

Workers at Little Big Burger know that our safety, well-being, and voices are important. Every single day we serve customers, cook food, bus tables, and wash dishes. We have formed the Little Big Union to ensure Little Big Burger is truly inclusive of our collective voice as workers.

Portland, Oregon is ground zero for fast food organizing. We love this city and call the Pacific Northwest our home. However, rent and the cost of living have continued to increase while our wages have not. Now, it is increasingly difficult to live in the neighborhoods we serve. This is why we are proud to stand in solidarity with the Burgerville Workers Union, as members of the Industrial Workers of the World, in the fight to make food service an honest, dignified, and dependable job.

Little Big Burger is no longer a small business, they were acquired by North Carolina-based multinational corporation Chanticleer Holdings in 2015. Us workers and our families depend on this job for our livelihood, and we hope those who prepare the food, serve the guests, and create the environment that has built Little Big Burger stand to grow with our company. Workers continue to struggle by stretching our paychecks month to month, surviving off minimum wage, unreliable tips, and inconsistent schedules released often a day or two before we work. We are proud of the hard work we provide Little Big Burger, which is why we demand:

  • $5 raises
  • Fair and consistent scheduling
  • Safe and Healthy workplaces
  • Respectful and professional conduct from management
  • Benefits like child care, paid parental leave, quality healthcare, food boxes, bus passes, parking passes, and shift beers
  • Paid sick leave and vacation time
  • Worker autonomy to refuse service to abusive/dangerous customers
  • Holiday pay
  • Transparent hiring and firing policies
  • Sanctuary workplaces

Upon recognizing LBU, Little Big Burger stands to become the second fast food company in the history of the United States to enter into a collective bargaining relationship with a union. We believe that Little Big Burger deserves that distinction.

We are your neighbors, your friends, your classmates, your family, and we are just scraping by like so many other low paid workers.

We are the ones who make the food, now it’s time that we eat too!

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