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“The Line” newsletter submission deadline

This is the deadline for submission to the July issue of the The Line.  But you can still submit your work and we will work to put it in the follow issue. If you have any questions please… Read More

Literature and Media Committee Meeting

This is the monthly meeting of the Literature and Media Committee. If you have any questions please contact the Secretary. Secretary@OlympiaIWW.com

The Teacher Strikes, the Janus case, and the path forward for labor.

On February 22nd the teachers of West Virginia went on strike. One of their motto’s was 55 strong. Meaning that all the teachers in all 55 counties in West Virginia are united in their struggle. The teachers in… Read More


What follows is a very basic primer for organizing your fellow workers on the job. This is just to get you thinking. We encourage you to take the Organizers Training 101 that the IWW offers. It is open… Read More