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Olympia I.W.W. Orientation! | Sat. 5/6 3pm | Olympia Center

Hey Fellow Workers!

Are you interested in joining the Industrial Workers of the World? But not sure how to get involved.  Or maybe you want to learn more about it.  Interested in learning more about your rights as a worker!?

Maybe you are already a member but want to learn how you can get more involved!

Well then you need to come to the Olympia I.W.W. Orientation this weekend on Saturday the 6th of May at 3pm at the Olympia Center.

We will learn more about the I.W.W. as a whole and also about the local Olympia branch! Plus we will brush up on our meeting process – Rusty’s Rules.  And more!!

We will also, of course, answer any questions you have.  You can join or pay dues there.  There will be light snacks and coffee!

Why Organize a Union with Your Fellow Workers?

It is only through collective action that we can, not only come together to win our demands on the job, but recognize within ourselves that we have the power to change the world around us for the better.

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It’s Our One Year Anniversary!

On May 18th, 2016 we, the Olympia General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World, were chartered!  We have come along way since then.  We appreciate all the hard work that our members have put in, and continue to put in, to organize the branch!

It seems like it has not been a year, but so much has been done to get us here and to prepare us for the struggles ahead.  We are here to fight!  We are here to organize!  We are here to stay!

Don’t forget to come and see us on May 1st, International Workers Day, at Sylvester Park in downtown Olympia from noon to 5pm.  We will have speakers, music, food, and fun!!

In Love and Stuggle

Oly I.W.W.

May Day 2017 Olympia

Come celebrate International Worker’s Day AKA May Day with the Olympia I.W.W. and others!!  There will be food, friends, music, literature, and fun!

This event is for all ages.  Come and have some fun as we celebrate the Working Class!  Learn about the history of May Day and other working class struggles as we talk about the struggles ahead and take refuge in friends and family.

There will be performances by:
Lenee Reid
Nomy Lamm
Kaitlyn Smith
And more!!

Here is the link the Facebook event.

If you have any questions please contact us.
Email – OlympiaIWW@riseup.net

Regional Organizing Assembly

Hi Fellow Workers,

The Olympia General Membership Branch will be hosting a Regional Organizing Assembly the weekend of May 2­7th.

This assembly will bring together organizers from all over our region for a weekend of networking, strategizing, skills sharing, and maybe even some troublemaking. We plan to have workshops, facilitated discussions, social events, and more, all geared towards building regional solidarity and collaboration. Registration is now open!

Please email us with any questions at:

Warm Regards and Solidarity,
Olympia I.W.W.

Legal Support

On March 4th, 2017 four people were arrested at a counter-demonstration in response to a Trump rally in Olympia, Washington. The arrested were there to oppose the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQ people, women, workers, the environment, and much more. They were there to take a principled stand.
Charges against some of the arrested include serious felonies. For the safety of the arrested we are withholding their identity at this time. We are also refraining from going into detail about the circumstances of their arrests until we are able to consult with their legal counsel. However, it is reasonable to say that the arrests were the result of overly aggressive action by the police.
At this time, we know that two of the people arrested are members of the Industrial Workers of the World and our General Defense Committee.  The Union supports our fellow worker(s) as well as the other people who were arrested and we are calling on you to support them as well with donations to support their legal defense. Funds raised will be provided equally to support the legal expenses of all four of the arrestees, which may run several thousand dollars.
Any money in excess of what is needed to pay legal expenses of the March 4 arrestees will go to Local 20 General Defense Committee to support future legal expenses of Olympia area activists resulting from involvement in labor struggles, anti-oppression, and environmental defense work.

You can donate to the legal fund of those who were arrested here.

An Olympia IWW General Defense Committee: A Response to Extraordinary Times



Our organization must be effective. The sense of despair many of us feel is grounded in the reality of an ascendant far right. Right now they face little resistance. The sense of urgency many of us have felt is a recognition of the need to build that resistance. It is time for us to take up that task, to find new comrades ready to fight and to fight. No one is coming to save us- we cannot use the electoral system to fight the right effectively. It is time to stop waiting and defend each other in the streets.

-From No One Is Coming to Save Us: An Anarchist Response to the Election of Donald Trump, itsgoingdown.org/no-one-coming-save-us-anarchist-response-election-donald-trump/, 11 November 2016


We should not fool ourselves. These are not ordinary times. The election of Donald Trump signals a full scale assault by the state on Muslims, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, women, and many other people. The environment and the social safety net are going to come under increased attack. Problems like police violence and imperialism abroad are going to get worse.

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Statement of Solidarity with Standing Rock

The International Convention of the Industrial Workers of the World stands in solidarity with the resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  We call on the labor movement and working class to take a stand against enviromental racism and join the fight for a just transition as our collective future is at stake.  We recognize that the capitalist system that oppresses the working class has always oppressed indigenous people of the world.

Therefore we feel that settlers and indigenous workers should unite to take direct action against colonial industrial capitalism and do everything in our power to restore justice to indigenous people and Mother Earth.  An injury to one is an injury to all.

Calling All Workers! Come to Everett on November 5th!

All IWWs and friends are requested to make the trip to Everett, Washington at 1:30 PM on Saturday, November 5th to commemorate the massacre of our members at that time and date in 1916.  “Completing the Voyage” honors the 12 murdered and 27 injured Wobblies aboard the steamer Verona shot down by the sheriff and his drunken goons at 2 PM.  Three hundred Fellow Workers were attempting to return to the city in northwest Washinton State to carry on with their free speech fight.

As important as the centennial memorial is, the real goal is to let workers in the Everett area know that IWW is here.  Whatcom-Skagit Branch is planning two public “Introduction to the IWW” presentations in Everett later in November; the town is ripe for reestablishing the IWW.  We are hoping for cooperation and assistance from Vancouver, Seattle, Olympia, and Portland GMBs.

The rally point is the west end of Hewitt Avenue, only 200 yards from the site of the murders.  IWWs will lay wreaths and have a short ceremony, then walk seven blocks to “Speakers Corner” at the corner of Hewitt and Wetmore, where only days before the massacre IWWS were thrown in jail for asserting their right to free speech.  We will soapbox about the modern IWW on the busy downtow street corner, and sing, too.  The commemoration will end with a caravan 25 miles south to Seattle’s Mount Pleasent Cemetery where we will visit the gravesite of 3 of the 1916 victims, Fellow Workers Felix Baran, James Looney, and Hugo Gerlot.

PLEASE COME!  Everett will receive a lot of publicity from IWW prior to our event, and there may be a lot of local media attention.  We need every Wob who can to come to Everett.  For more information, contact the Whatcom-Skagit IWW branch: iwwbellingham@gmail.com.  Traveling wobs are urged to make wreaths or large bouquets, or ask our branch to make one in your name.  GMBs should bring their banners and IWW flags.

Fellow Worker Roberta’s canidate statement for editor of the “Industial Worker.”

To the General Membership of the Industrial Workers of the World:

Knowledge is the real power. Knowledge of the truth, that is.

What’s the best way of distracting people from their freedoms being taken
away and realizing how huge the financial inequities actually are? What will
keep them from pushing for unions, fair pay, and better sources of energy so
that their children and grandchildren will be able to breathe, grow food and
flowers, and live in health?

Deny them access to truthful information.

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