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Website Changelog

There are 6 levels of users on the website:

  • Visitor – visitors can read and comment (must fill out name and email to comment, comments from unknown authors are held for moderation)
  • Subscriber – anyone can register, these are “friends of the union”
  • Member – A member in good standing has the ability to submit posts and events. Has access to member only areas.
  • Author – A member that has the ability to publish posts and events created by them, and the ability to submit pages. Also ability to moderate comments.
  • Editor – Can publish, edit, and delete posts, events, and pages (including others). Can manage categories, links, and users.
  • Administrator – Can manage the back-end.

Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a community calendar that any member in good standing can submit events to. A list of upcoming events is also on the right sidebar.

Member Only Areas

Pages, Events, and Posts can be set to only be visible to members in good standing.

Requesting Member Role

In order to be added to the member role, you need to let an Editor or Admin know your username. Talking to someone directly is the quickest way, but you can also fill out the following form to send an email, please include enough info to prove you are who you say you are, but do not include anything sensitive as proof since it will be sent over unencrypted email.