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Workers Strike in Bangladesh

On January 6th, thousands of workers in Bangladesh went on strike against low wages in garment factories. The “ready-made” garment industry in Bangladesh supplies major retailers around the world, such as Walmart, H&M, and Tesco. According to Aljazeera… Read More

Statement regarding the ongoing Nationwide Prison Strike issued August 22, 2018, Day 2 of the strike.

Issued by the Prison Strike Media Team Amani Sawariofficial outside media representative of Jailhouse Lawyers Speakprisonstrikemedia@gmail.com Jared WareFreelance Journalist covering prisoner movementsjaybeware@gmail.com@jaybeware on Twitter Brooke Terpstra Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC)National Media Committeebrooke@incarceratedworkers.org@IWW_IWOC on twitter StatementAugust 22, 2018 So… Read More

Prisoners all across the country go on strike against Slave Labor!

On August 21st, the anniversary of the killing of Black Panther George Jackson, prisoners all over the country went on strike. There are sit-ins, work-stoppages, commissary boycotts, and other actions happening till September 9th, the anniversary of the… Read More

IWOC Endorses National Prison Strike and Pledges Support

Whereas, trusted comrades, collectives, and networks behind the prison walls have convened, called for a “National Prison Strike” from August 21 to Sept 9, 2018, issued a set of demands and guidelines and requested outside support, Whereas, we,… Read More

West Virginia: Extend the Strike, Build Long Term Power

The statewide strike of teachers in West Virginia that started on February 22nd is a model for teachers and other working-class people across the US of how we can struggle together for what we need. It is a… Read More