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Membership Committee Meeting

The monthly meeting of the membership committee. This meeting is open to IWW members only. For questions please contact the Secretary (Secretary@OlympiaIWW.com)

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) Meeting

Monthly meeting of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the Olympia IWW. Contact the Secretary for more info, Secretary@OlympiaIWW.com

Membership Committee Meeting

Monthly meeting of the Membership Committee of the Olympia IWW.

Worker Memorial Day

See here for more details.

General Defense Committee Local 20 Meeting

This is the monthly meeting of the Olympia General Defense Committee Local 20.  These meetings are open to GDC members only.  For more info contact the Secretary (Secretary@OlympiaIWW.com)

Membership Committee meeting

For more information contact Secretary@olympiaiww.com

General Membership Branch meeting

This is the monthly meeting of the Olympia Branch of the IWW.  The doors are 5 and the meeting starts at 6.  Come early if you want to chat, hangout, pay dues, or join.

Rusty’s Rules Workshop

Join us on the 25th to learn about the meeting process that the IWW uses. Rusty’s Rules. Which is a modified or lite verson of Robert’s Rules of Order. So many meetings… We all know what it is… Read More

Radical Movie Night

Join us on Friday the 13th of October at Last Word Books, starting at 7pm, to watch the documentary “13th.”

Olympia I.W.W. Community Potluck

Come join the Olympia membership branch of the Industrial Workers of the World for a community potluck on Saturday the 23rd of September starting at 2pm at Bigelow Park on the Eastside.  Bring a dish or bevarge if… Read More